Chromecast Error “No big deal but your WI-FI is off”

I just got my new Chromecast in the mail and while trying to set it up on my desktop with wired connection I got the following message:

No big deal but your WI-FI is off

Wi-Fi needs to be turned on
for the Chromecast App to work.


Initially I thought that I may need to add a wireless adapter to be able to use the Chromecase but following a short research I found the following workaround:

  1. Pick any wireless device (Android phone / laptop / etc) and visit
  2. Follow the instructions to set up the device
  3. On your wired desktop install the chrome extension from the following address
  4. You can now stream from Chrome to your TV

The problem is that during the setup process, the wireless device is connected directly to the Chromecast and not through your home network.  That is how it is able to program the Chromecast, name it, connect it to your home network, etc.  Once it is saved and connected, you can use any wired / wireless device to stream to your Chromecast.


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