How To: Add Facebook Conversion Pixel to a WordPress Website

As Facebook advertising becoming more and more popular, many people are looking for ways to add the Facebook conversion pixel a WordPress website.

There are 2 common ways to add the conversion pixel: through your theme, using a dedicated WordPress plugin.

Adding Conversion Pixel Using Your Theme:
Many commercial themes have a dedicated “settings” page that will allow you to change colors, fonts, etc. Some of these also have a section titled “Scripts” which allows you to paste code for any scripts you may want to include.

Paste your conversion pixel code from Facebook into that section and it will be automatically included on all pages of your site.

Possible issue: This solution will include the code on all pages of your site. That will work if you are running only one campaign at a time. However, if you want to run 2 campaigns concurrently, you will get 2 separate pixel codes and this solution will add both codes to each page and, therefore, confuse Facebook and compromise tracking.

Adding Conversion Pixel Using a Plugin:
The following plugin is quick to install and will allow you to use multiple tracking pixels on multiple pages. Simply install the plugin, activate it and moving forward you will have a dedicated “Facebook Pixel Conversion Code” on the bottom of all your edit page/post screens. Simply tick the “Insert Conversion Code” and paste the javascript code from Facebook into the box labelled “Conversion Javascript”.


Plugin can be downloaded from this URL: or If you prefer to install the plugin using WordPress built in “Add Plugin” feature simply search for “Facebook Pixel Conversions for WordPress


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