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IT Direct Deals Review

If you reached this page, you’re looking for feedback on IT Direct Deals.

The Short Answer – Should Trust These Guys with Your Money

If you’re looking for the short answer – Do not buy from them unless you want pirated software.


My Purchase with IT Direct Deals

The long story, I ran across these guys after searching Google for Office 2013 Professional to buy. IT Direct Deals offer appeared on the right of the screen as a product offering. They offered a download of the software for $187.

I Overlooked Their Bad Reviews

I looked at their reviews the BBB site and saw a handful of recent bad reviews. They replied to each report and accused the buyers for all issues.

But… Their deal was so cheap that I was willing to overlook the reviews and placed an order…

First, their order approval process was one of a kind. They call each buyer to verify the purchase 24 hours after order is placed. After all, who wants to scam crooks, right… :)

We Got The Software But It Isn’t Authentic…

After we verified the order over the phone, we received a download link, key and instructions how to install. All of which worked fine. However, when time came activate the software, we received a notice that the software cannot be activated because it’s already been activated on too many computers.

It so happens that the same key/serial was sold to multiple users and have been activated too many times.

So, I Contacted Support

On the phone first, but only got to leave a message.

Then 2 days later I emailed using their contact form. Then a day later again through the contact form.

Still nothing…

In Conclusion, Do Not Buy From IT Direct Deals

It appears that IT Direct Deals sells the same Microsoft product keys multiple people and by that are able to offer cheap prices. Problem, this does not really work and will likely get the software to quit working at some point.

Stay away from these guys at any price.

IT Direct Deals FAQs

Q: Is IT Direct Deals Legit?
A: No, company sells fake Microsoft licenses.

Q: Do you have IT Direct Deals Coupons?
A: No, we warn anyone from dealing with this company. Read above for more.

Q: Have you seen other IT Direct Deals Complaints?
A: Yes, BBB site is full with complaints about IT Direct Deals. Beware of dealing with them.

Is Fear of Disappointment Holding You Back?

I want to ask you a question.

Are you living your life based on avoiding disappointment?


Now, here’s what I mean by that, most of us have been raised to avoid disappointing our parents, our teachers and that leads to us making decisions based on the fear of avoiding disappointing other person. And, there is also the case of avoiding disappointing yourself again.

Many of us have references of when we tried to do something or said something or promised to do something to ourselves or to another person and we haven’t been able to come through with our promise. Well that leads to a condition that a Harvard professor called “Disappointment Avoidance.”

What happens from a neurological prospective is every time that we think about achieving a goal that we haven’t yet achieved, or achieving a goal that we tried in the past that may have not worked and because of the emotional, physical and maybe even spiritual pain that we got as a result of not achieving that goal we develop a neurological imprint of that pain and then when we try to do it again, guess what happens, that memory sends an electrical signal to our brain and our body that causes us to stop taking action, to stop doing what we need to do in order to achieve that goal…

Here are a few things that can help you deal with this disappointment avoidance:

Remember, your past does not equal your future. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, as long as you pick yourself up and try it again, maybe in a slightly different way, you will allow yourself have more ways to succeed, instead of allowing disappointment avoidance to hold you back.

Think of what you may be avoiding and think of how you can take action anyways. That will keep you moving forward and more importantly, it will interrupt the neurological patterns of fear that keep you away from avoiding disappointment avoidance and get you towards getting more pleasure and success.

Here’s to your success:

Best Time to Post on Instagram (2014)

I recently received multiple questions from readers about the best day/time to post on Instagram and decided to write this post as a reference for everyone who’s interested. In this post I will discuss 2 points:

  1. Best day to post on Instagram
  2. Best time to post on Instagram

Before we begin, it is important that we quickly establish when referring to “best time/day to post on Instagram,” we mean the day and time where posts get the most interactions (i.e. most engagement). This is measured as the average number of interactions (total likes and comments) per 1,000 followers and was tracked over a 30-day period, across 123 Fortune 500 companies in order to give an accurate representation.

Best day to post on Instagram

Best time to post on Instagram

As with many things in life, timing is everything.

How To: Add Facebook Conversion Pixel to a WordPress Website

As Facebook advertising becoming more and more popular, many people are looking for ways to add the Facebook conversion pixel a WordPress website.

There are 2 common ways to add the conversion pixel: through your theme, using a dedicated WordPress plugin.

Adding Conversion Pixel Using Your Theme:
Many commercial themes have a dedicated “settings” page that will allow you to change colors, fonts, etc. Some of these also have a section titled “Scripts” which allows you to paste code for any scripts you may want to include.
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The Savage Siphon – Review & Bonuses

What is The Savage Siphon?

The Savage Siphon is a unique marketing system that was designed to get past the gatekeeper, reach the decision maker, make memorable impression and urge them to call you back all achieved through direct mail without the need to pickup the phone (until they call offcourse)…
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Chromecast Error “No big deal but your WI-FI is off”

I just got my new Chromecast in the mail and while trying to set it up on my desktop with wired connection I got the following message:

No big deal but your WI-FI is off

Wi-Fi needs to be turned on
for the Chromecast App to work.

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FB Ads Cracked Review

This page was set as a placeholder for the upcoming FB Ads Cracked product by the FB master himself, Mr Don Wilson.

The product promises to teach you how to optimize your ads on Facebook so that the same ad dollars will go a much longer way.

More information about FB Ads Cracked to come soon. In the meantime here are a couple of videos about the product:
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Language Gate on Facebook (Managing a Multilingual Page)

One of my clients runs an international brand of photography accessories in the action sport industry and for a long time we had a challenge of marketing in multiple languages to different crowds while trying to contain it all on the same page.  This was recently made possible by Facebook using a language-gate.

The following video goes through the process of posting for audiences in English and French.  However, it misses one major point, the feature had to first be enabled through your page settings.  So, in order to get it all set up you must first:
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